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Rescue Dogs - Available for Adoption If you know of a dog in need of rescue please contact Rescue Coordinators Ciesla Tammy  Irish Red and White Setter Association of America Rescue Policies The Irish Red and White Setter Association of America has established a Rescue Committee of three members, one of whom is designated as the National Chairman. This committee oversees rescues of Irish Red and White Setters in the United States. It has created a Consent Contract (for use when an owner or a shelter wishes to surrender a dog to the program) and a Placement Contract (for use when a dog is adopted.) The association has established a dedicated Rescue Fund, mainly for medical expenses and transportation, but also for the incidental expenses of document production, postage, and telephone charges. This committee shall determine an appropriate amount for an Adoption Donation, to be paid by an adopting family. Rescue funds are not used to purchase any dog that an individual wishes to sell. However, in the event that an IR&WS puppy is found in a pet store, the program may offer to purchase the puppy for a nominal amount in an effort to prevent the store from disposing of it. This offer would be made when the puppy is growing too old to be sold and would therefore definitely not encourage the acquisition of more IR&WSs by the store. Whenever a dog enters the program and the breeder is known, the breeder is contacted and asked to take responsibility for the dog or to pay for its placement. The program is not designed to aid members or other breeders in placing puppies or adult dogs. However, when a responsible breeder is faced with taking back a dog and needs assistance in placing it, the program may help in finding a suitable home IF homes are available and no rescues are in need of placing at the time. In this case, the breeder would assume all expenses of the placement and would not sell the dog. The adoptive home would be asked to make a donation to the Rescue Fund. Whenever an unidentified dog enters the program, every possible effort will be made to locate the rightful owner and the breeder. If neither the owner nor the breeder can be located, the dog will continue through the program to be placed. When an owner elects to surrender a dog to the program, he will be asked to provide all medical documentation and all known behavioral information. And he will be asked to make a donation to the Rescue Fund to be used for the placement. Whenever a dog needing to be rescued is discovered, the nearest willing IRWSAA member will be asked to take the dog for temporary foster care. If this club member desires to continue, the dog may stay there for complete foster care and medical procedures until a permanent home can be found. If this club member cannot complete the foster care, the dog will be transported to the next nearest willing club member for completion of the adoption process. Each dog will be examined by a local veterinarian and given any necessary medical care. Routine medical care includes vaccinations, heart worm testing, medication for heart worm prevention or treatment for heart worms, internal parasite testing, and medication when parasites are present. Any other medical care deemed necessary will also be provided. Each dog will spend a minimum of two weeks in foster care. This allows for all medical treatments to be completed and for observations to be made in great detail. If a dog’s identity cannot be determined, it will be spayed or neutered before placement. Each dog will have a picture identification with views of both sides and front. A decision will be made on a case by case basis regarding a permanent identification, considering costs and availability of options where the dog is being fostered. All rules and regulations set by the AKC will be followed when transferring dogs. Adoptive homes will be screened carefully to help ensure satisfactory and permanent placements. A mutually agreeable contract is required, with an unconditional return policy. An Adoption Donation is requested. Each adoptive home receives all medical documentation, detailed information on the specific dog, and informational brochures from the IRWSAA. The members of the Irish Red and White Setter Association of America believe that all Red and Whites deserve to have good homes, where they will be part of a family and be given excellent care, adequate exercise and loving attention. Neither the association, nor any of its members, realize any financial gains or other benefits resulting from these rescue efforts. The sole reward is the knowledge that our rescues will be wanted, well cared for, and loved for the remainder of their lives. Committee Members Judy DuRoss Rescue Chairman in Texas Deanna Cuchiaro in New Jersey Christina Phillips in California Raine Tyler in Oregon Judy Taylor in North Carolina Michael Lamp in Ohio For information on adoptions, Contact: Rescue Chair: Ciesla Tammy
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