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Qualifications & Application for IRWSAA Ringside Mentoring To Be A Good Mentor One Must: Stick with the STANDARD. Have knowledge about the breed to answer questions as they are presented about background, History and function. Be able to explain breed type. Be able to articulate why a dog is proper or not. Have an open mind as to the different 'styles' of dogs, all being acceptable as long as they meet the STANDARD. Never talk about one's own dogs. Talk about the virtues of any given dog. Don't tear it apart. If one must be critical, use terms like - "It could use a little more of something (muzzle, top skull, bone, neck etc.) If they ask about a certain point of a dog, be honest in a quiet manner. Usually people applying for Irish Red and White Setter as a second breed know structure and movement. A breeder judge would see past the markings and we hope others judging our breed will too. Discuss how coat challenges the eye. Balance is the proportions of the dog's body, not the outline of the dog with coat. After a class ask the person being mentored if they had a hard time with the placements and discuss the placements with them if indeed you can follow the judge’s reasons. If you disagree, you might say you could have considered a certain dog for the winner and tell why, but NEVER talk in a negative manner about the judge’s decisions. Impress breed type. Too many judges reward generic dogs with good movement. Find the dogs with the best breed type in the classes and point them out. Be available at shows where there's a major and not be entered. Who qualifies as a mentor? 1.  Have knowledge of the background, history, and function of the breed. 2.  Must be a member in good standing of the IRWSAA for a minimum of five years. 3. Must be a Irish Red and White Setter breed expert whose ethics, integrity, and devotion are to the breed. Who is willing and able to share knowledge and provide guidance through open exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives. 4. Must meet the minimum AKC requirements of 12 years of active breeding and showing Irish Red and White Setters. 5. Enjoy interacting with others and is able to communicate in an understandable, clear and insightful manner. 6. Possess the physical energy and flexibility of schedule necessary to accept mentoring requests. 7. Demonstrates a commitment to impartiality and the Breed Standard along with the guidelines for approved IRWSAA General Guidelines for Mentors 1. Be aware of AKC's rules for official observations. a. You cannot mentor after you have shown an Irish Red & White Setters that day. This rule does not apply at specialty shows where formal z. You must fill out the AKC observation form fully, including comments about the mentoring session and the aspiring -- judge's knowledge of the breed. 3. Honour your commitment to mentor. You must be there for the entire judging - do not go off and talk to your friends during the judging without finding a substitute mentor. 4. Be fully versed in the AKC standard. Remember we are judging the complete dog as a whole and one good or bad part does not make a dog good or bad but the sum of the parts completes the whole dog. S. The aspiring judge needs to know the nuances of breed type - they all know what cow-hocks and bad fronts are. Spend the majority of time on specifics to the Irish Red and White Setter. 6. Provide your ringside opinion on how you would place dogs, or discuss the order with the aspiring judge. This is where they learn how a breeder prioritizes virtues and faults. 7. If possible, ask some of the exhibitors if the mentee can go over their dog and discuss in more detail after the judging. (This is not a requirement for the ringside observation, but a good learning experience nonetheless.) 8, REMEMBER MORE THAN ONE STYLE OF IRISH RED AND WHITE SETTER IS WITHIN THE STANDARD!! IRWSAA Judges Education Mentor and/or Presenter Application Form Having trouble viewing this form? Click Here .
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